Action sports success: total immersion required: in the skateboarding and action sports

Action sports success: total immersion required: in the skateboarding and action sports

A glance inside the skateboarding business gives a compelling instance of lifestyle advertising at its very finest. The market's top apparel and apparel businesses immerse themselves in the lives of skate boarding fans to remain in synch with what is trendy in their market.

Before this season apparel visited two California-based companies with roots in skateboarding apparel and footwear: Sole Technology Inc. and Podium Distribution. Both have expanded to provide footwear and clothes for additional board sports, including surfing and snowboarding. Podium also aims action sports fans, for example motocross riders along with"X Games" aficionados. How To Get Better At Skateboarding t

Since Podium's browse brand supervisor Brandy Faber places it, the organization's target clients might very well surf, snowboard and skateboard throughout the course of a single weekend. This"do-it all" action sports life particularly applies to childhood from the Southern California area, using its relatively close proximity to both snow and surf.

A number of the things in Podium's traces were created as lifestyle apparel --something that the surfer, snowboarder or grime breeder may wish to slide into as their streetwear of choice later following the true sport action.

The two Podium Distribution and Sole Technology are informed entrepreneurs. They've overseas offices easing substantial export actions, especially in Europe. They sponsor actions sports events, and even groups of"riders" who use their footwear and apparel. They create entertaining Web sites and videos featuring the skateboarding fashions, stunts and characters of the own riders. The films often sell in the point of selling along-side their goods. And they're masters of product diversification, that offer everything from earrings to pockets to socks to match their core clothes and apparel lines.

Action sports success total immersion required in the skateboarding and action sports arena, the cool factor rules

Podium, located in Torrance, CA, just outside Los Angeles, layouts and spreads the DVS, Matix and also Lakai brands. Generation is outsourced abroad, and of their company's 60 workers, 20 are now artists. Podium's mind quarters centre has contemporary decoration, with exposed ductwork, spartan furniture along with the vision of its commerce anyplace in the kind of posters of surfers, skateboarders and other action sports players in their part from the sea, over the sidewalk, on the mountain . At part of the headquarters referred to as"The Clubhouse," there's an indoor basketball court decorated just similar to that of this L.A. Lakers, however using Podium's brand symbols painted onto it. The management group comprises brothers Kevin (the creator ), Mike and Brian Dunlap, Mark Feig (CEO) and former pro skateboarder Tint Gavin.

Vice president Brian Dunlap states Podium anticipates"excellent growth for each its titles" this season, also is now gearing up for greater growth in 2005. While the company doesn't show its annum earnings, Dunlap states Podium expects company to move"through the roof," pointing especially to the"enormous potential" of the Matrix brand.

Podium's DVS manufacturer is now making a push to the juniors' stadium using its DVS Girls lineup, along with also the Matix brand will provide a wider selection of styles created particularly for young girls in 2005.

Also staking a claim from the juniors' kingdom, Sole Technology anticipates its Etnies new to continue to enjoy widespread recognition and expansion, driven in part by raising female involvement in activity sports. (See "Action Sports Trends.")

The Etnies manufacturer has (he widest supply of Sole Technology's manufacturers, selling by nationwide, mall-based specialty merchants like Pacific Sunwear of California (ParSun). Of Sole Technology's heart skateboarding manufacturers, Emerica is spread strictly through specialization skateboarding retailers, also eS is marketed via skateboarding retailers in addition to several"sneaker stores," for example Dr. Jay's. Sole Technology also gives the ski apparel and apparel manufacturer, ThirtyTwo (known for water's freezing point), offered mostly by snow sports merchants.

Among Sole Technology's biggest achievements is the institution of the Sole Technology Institute (STI), states the company's public relations agent Timothy Nickloff. STI is located in Sole Technology's headquarters compound in Lake Forest, CA, in sun-drenched Orange County. Indoors STI is an biomechanics lab for analyzing the motion of their body through skateboarding and also the effect of skateboard jumps within the human entire body.

Ahead of STI, the skateboarding industry had to rely on biomechanics information from some different sports businesses, and attempt to use it into skateboarding, Niddoff states. Sole Technology rounder, former world champion skateboarder Pierre Andre Senizergues, pictured something greater, and spent in STI.

To take part in STI research, the skateboarders match in outfits coated with infrared detectors. Afterward, their moves are recorded with a computerized camera system that displays pressure amounts on various elements of their bodies since they ride and leap across lab Aims developed to mimic a metropolitan skateboarding surroundings.

STI studies have discovered that the effect of a normal skateboarding leap is equivalent to 26 to 27 days the liter rider's bodyweight. For contrast, the effects of a dip in basketball will be 14 times that the basketball player's entire body fat. STI is utilizing such information to enhance the design of apparel, also hr turn, assist skate boarders keep riding past age 25, once the game starts to take its toll over the joints and knees.

"We believe that this will revolutionize the activity sports market," states Nickloff. "That will be raising the bar"

Action Sports Trends

* Skateboarding has gained nationwide attention from tv coverage of sports, video games, music and by the films.

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