Do 900 degrees with skateboarding

Do 900 degrees with skateboarding

Check out this site that is gnarly, dude

When we told 14 year-old Richard'Mullet' Amos his website was nominated to the Home Improvement segment, he requested us to wait for a few days while he ended"using a CGI-based news program". Quite impressive, we believed that lad'll go much better.

After he asked him how he discovered his Internet abilities he responded,"I'm completely self taught. . .no books. . .nothing. . .perseverance and creativeness are my novels." Which made us believe: realty? How did he handle that ? Can he sit randomly typing till he happened across the ideal mix for the HTML tag set? The CGI stuff should have been a nightmare. Hats off to the child.

But when we noticed how great his skateboarding website iswe thought we'd better quit taking the mick because, when he carries on like this, there is a fantastic chance he will be our boss in a couple of decades and Best skateboard. If you do not believe us, celebration from the URL and remind yourself that the page was constructed by someone too young to purchase lottery tickets.

The portal-style front end, constructed using Dreamweaver, is nicely laid out, providing people a sample of what awaits them from the information, reviews and features segments. The navigation is possibly the weakest place, there is no clear route back to the main page, and this will irritate a few traffic. The only other flaw worth mentioning is that the inconsistent usage of fonts, which appears sloppy, but may be readily fixed.

Do 900 degrees with skateboarding

Richard has begun assembling a team of editorial volunteers -though he wants to begin cracking the whip as, fairly as it is, the website is lacking articles.

Richard says he constructed the website as an antidote into the sea of badly constructed US-focused soccer pages. He wished to supply a more UK-oriented skating page, and it has done a fantastic job of setting the bases, together with sections for games and music reviews, together with other things these youthful hooligans like. Like so a number of the special interest websites we view, a continuous stream of frequently updated content is going to be the secret to success. Different Types Of Skateboards List For Beginners


Design *****

Content *****



The CGI Resource Index


Richard Dinnick new media manager Reading Room

Richard has employed a template to design his website. That can be good for a first attempt, but the strategy has difficulties. The website has a great deal of unnecessary scrolling since you don't have control over the usage of distance. Additionally, it means you can not do exciting things with this design. Richard makes it right with navigation that is intuitive, but concerning feel and look, 900 levels is a stinker. Skateboarding is a visual game, but there is just a brace of pictures on the website.


Made by Richard Amos

LAUNCH DATE December 2000




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