What Should I Do When Injured Skateboarding?

Question: What should I do when injured skateboarding?

Getting injured skateboarding is normal. Skateboarding is dangerous, and there's really no way to stay totally safe. So, what should you do after getting injured?


First off, you need to take care of the injury! If it's something small, then you might just be able to walk it off. But if there's blood, or an injured joint, or something worse, then GET HELP!

Being macho and ignoring the pain is good on the battlefield, but stupid in suburbia. Get help.

Let me stress that if it's an injured joint, you need to get it checked out. I've severely injured my right knee twice now (I tore my ACL, and ripped up some cartilage). Both times the pain went away within a week, and I could walk again just fine. But things weren't OK inside my knee.

I kept injuring it again and again until I finally got a CAT scan done. Doctors even told me I was fine, before I got that scan. It turned out that I needed to have my ACL replaced both times. They were both huge surgeries, and the last one took me off my feet for three months, and off my skateboard for more than a year. If you have an injured joint, please take it seriously and get it checked out.

Once you've gotten some help, you need to follow your recovery schedule. If they want you to go through physical therapy, then DO IT.

If they give you exercises to do, DO THEM! Your laziness and arrogance only hurts yourself.

If you had a minor injury and are just taking care of it at home, then you'll need to figure out what your injury needs. I have an article here written by a physical therapist on stretching and exercises for skateboarders to do.

Read it, and try some once you are feeling well enough to. Trust me - you don't want to loose mobility, and getting hurt can really weaken you. Do the work of helping your body to recover.

Once you've gone through some rehabilitation, and you are ready to get back to skateboarding (ask your doctor, and take their advice!), you should really take it easy. Don't go straight to the big tricks. Take some time to simply ride around.

I'd recommend finding a nice big flat empty parking lot, and casually riding around it. Give it some time. Then slowly work up to trying tricks again, and skating at the skatepark. But seriously - take the time to re-introduce yourself to your skateboard. It's important.

You should also take every precaution to be as safe as you can when you first come back. Read this article on Skateboard Safety (it covers a lot more than just wearing a helmet), and make sure you know how to fall.

Follow this advice, and you should be able to get back on your skateboard as soon as the injury allows. There is one last thing that you can do to help you get back on your board after an injury - you can spend that down time studying skateboarding. Watch skateboarding videos, study up on how to do tricks, and spend a lot of time daydreaming about you doing them.

This kind of visualization has been proven to help athletes do better. It might sound kind of hokey, and thinking a lot about skating while you can't skate might be depressing, but if you can, it'll help.

So relax, follow your doctor's orders, take the time to heal up and recover, and you should be OK. Read about other skater's injuries, or tell your own story of your worst skate injury over at Readers Respond: Worst Skateboarding Injuries Stories!

Brant Miller

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