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I’m pretty much just getting started in the world of skate photography. I’ve been sucked into a whirlwind of skate trips. I’ve figured out most of the technical stuff, but what is really hard is the psychology of the pro skateboarder. As I sit there beneath the rail, I need to know what I can […]

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Making the case for recycling and flushing toilet: a combination of legislation

The water-starved countries of the Middle East are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to supplement their water resources. The reuse of treated sewage effluent generated by municipal sewage treatment plants is already widespread across the region. The Gulf states recycle up to 70 per cent of their treated effluent, predominantly for irrigation, and […]

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The wise words of Lance Mountain in the Girl video basically echo the sentiment I felt wandering around the X-Games while dumb-ass kids clawed for stickers, and jock security kept them in line. Maybe I’ve turned into an old-ass bitter, crabby like one of those geezers from the park who takes endless runs and is […]

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A big wheel at 13

It’s not every day that a seventh grader writes up an 18-page business plan, remodels an entire storefront, orders truckloads of merchandise, and opens his own shop. But then, most junior high schoolers aren’t as enterprising as Brad Selover, founder and proprietor of SK8TRS-R-US is, a skateboard shop in Colusa, CA, about 70 miles north […]

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