The Top 5 Best Skateboards Decks Reviews 2017

Finding Best Skateboards Decks: All You Need To Know The Venerable Blank Naturally Affordable Issues in Paradise The All-Important Wood Skate-Specific Adhesive Short Reviews On The Best Skateboards Decks: #1. Forestone 8-inch Natural Blank #2. Moose Old School Deck #3. SCSK8 8-inch Pro Deck #4. Moose Blank Deck #5. Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck (Colors […]

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Making Sense of Skateboard Deck Sizes

From the outside looking in, street skateboards probably all look the same. It’s the same in any performance-driven activity. Sport bikes all look the same, but there are small differences between them that jump out at experienced riders. The same is true for the popsicle sticks we ride. Skateboard deck sizes vary in slight ways […]

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